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Primus Saver is New Call Telecom's award-winning residential service offering high-quality, low-cost home phone and broadband packages. Our packages are offered with a wealth of features, or with just straight-up calls. Our broadband service is well-priced and reliable, just as it should be.
Primus Business is an all-encompassing service offering, including VoIP, landline, broadband and dedicated UK-based account managers. New Call will continue developing its business offering in the year to come with second-to-none service and value to its loyal and future business customers.
Planet Talk is New Call Telecom’s collection of innovative and low-cost international calling services. With instant access, mobile and pre-paid options, these services let you call your friends and family abroad really cheaply from any phone. We've got an iPhone app and lots more in the works, so stay tuned.
Just Dial offer cheap international calls either from your landline or mobile phone. If you're looking for cheaper international calls just-dial.com is the place for you! Whether you're calling Australia or Argentina you can find a cheap call rate with Just Dial.
Anyone who wants to cut the cost of international call charges needs the Ratebuster phone service. Your low call hero does all the hard work for you. He keeps his eye on the pesky competition, then busts our rates so you know you're getting the cheapest international calls around!
Ratebuster keeps it simple to save money too.
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New Call Telecom is a young and dynamic telecoms provider owned and managed by an experienced team of UK telecoms specialists previously of Primus Telecommunication Ltd.

New Call Telecom acquired the retail assets of Primus Telecommunication Ltd. in October 2010 and will continue to run and cultivate the Primus services under the Primus brands with a strong focus on UK operations.

The award winning Primus Saver service will be further enhanced with the great features and the rates that has seen it achieve its position as one of the best value home phone and broadband service providers in the UK.

Primus Business will continue to develop its business offering with broadband, voice and VoIP services providing second to none service and value to its loyal business customers.

Planet Talk’s innovative and low-cost international calling services will be developed further, offering customers new ways to save on international calling with mobile apps and post-paid accounts.

For more information on our services and opportunities for residential or business customers please contact us.

Press Release

New Call Telecom shortlisted for Pendle Business Awards 2014
London, UK, 18 March 2014

Leading value telecoms company New Call Telecom, which owns the Primus Saver brand, is proud to have been shortlisted in the Pendle Business Awards 2014. Winners of these awards will be announced in May.


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